26-05-2018 19:05 - 4,6 km - Beaufort, Luxembourg

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Naturpad Beaufort - Wasseramsel - 7.jpeg

Naturpad Beaufort - Wasseramsel

This hike in Beaufort, Luxembourg with a distance of 4,6 kilometers was recorded at 26-05-2018 19:05. Shared by: Vincent. The average speed was: 3,6 km/h. The walk was completed in: 01:15 h.

Start / Finish

Auberge Rustique - Beaufort

In the heart of "Little Switzerland" lies "Auberge Rustique", 300 meters from the castle of Beaufort.

The building, adjusted to the needs and wishes of our time, has been used as a hostelry for more than 200 years. It is the location where in the previous century the horses of the stage-coach were changed, and where the travellers could find a warm bed for the night.


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