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Berg en Dal, Nederland, is a municipality in the eastern Netherlands, in the province of Gelderland. Berg en Dal has existed since 2016 and is named after the village of Berg en Dal. Previously it was known as Groesbeek, a municipality that merged with Millingen aan de Rijn and Ubbergen in 2015.

The municipality borders in the north on the Waal river and the Bijlands Kanaal, in the east on the German forest of the Reichswald, in the south on the province of Limburg, in the southwest on the forest of the Mookerheide (also Limburg), and in the west on the city of Nijmegen.

Berg en Dal is slightly hilly with altitudes reaching the 75 meters, like the Duivelsberg.

The International Four Days Marches Nijmegen crosses the municipality on the 3rd day (Day of Groesbeek).


At this page you would find hikes in this place.

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