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Borger-Odoorn, Nederland, is a municipality in the northeastern Netherlands in the province of Drenthe. Several Megaliths can be found here.

Population centers

Borger, Bronneger, Bronnegerveen, Buinen, Buinerveen, Drouwen, Drouwenermond, Drouwenerveen, Eerste Exloërmond, Ees, Eesergroen, Eeserveen, Ellertshaar, Exloërveen, Exloo, Klijndijk, Nieuw-Buinen, Odoorn, Odoornerveen, Tweede Exloërmond, Tweede Valthermond, Valthe, Valthermond, Westdorp, Zandberg.


At this page you would find hikes in this place.

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